Looking into New Overdrive Pedal but need help


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Jun 20, 2012
I am hung up right now between the ZVEX Box of Rock and the T-Rex Gristle King and I am having a hard time making up my mind. What is everybody else got in their arsenal. Looking for opinions.
I have the BOR and it's a good pedal. I have about 50 different drive pedals that I shuffle through every week on my board... I'm insatiable and what I do as a guitarist is nailing tones from records so I use a good lot of them during every show through a clean Fender type amp.

The BOR reminds me of a cranked Tweed Bassman or JTM45... Kind of a spongey sound to my ears. I use it sometimes. It depends what flavor of OD you want.
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What are you looking for ?What kind of music do you play ? What amp ?Do you use a clean sound or early break-up or high gain sound ?There are soooo many great OD's out there now...;-)
it always depends on your amp.
my diezel herbert didn't like the OCD v3
the diezel hagen loves it.
best you find out.
BOR is great, also check the xotic bb+.
Lovepedal Gold Kalamazoo & Wampler Paisley Drive.... I also have a modded Tube Screamer & a Fulldrive II Mosfet, but only use them with my Fender Twin. All great OD's.
Well I can see this gonna be like me trying to decide my favorite PRS. All the suggestions sound great .

slev- I agree now I'm curious about these bogner pedals especially the red and uberschall
Agreed, the red is very tempting. Haven't seen one in person but I'd be surprised if Bogner would put his name and the ecstasy reputation on something that wasn't pretty good. I think I saw them somewhere with a street price of about $250 so not completely ridiculous for a quality OD pedal. I also saw that Wampler renamed their ecstasy OD pedal to the euphoria. Not sure if its a coincidence or Bogner's influence.