Looking for my first PRS is it real?

Any Idea of value?

Always depends on condition, where you're buying, that sort of thing. I've seen these fetch somewhere in the $2,000 to $2500.00 range. The white 25th anniversary cases are also a rarity that many people like.
It seems to be in new condition. The guy didn't like the feel of the neck cause it was too big. He wants my 2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus Iced Tea Burst in new condition (stripe on it is one of the best I have seen). Seems like I would come out ahead.
It all totally depends on personal taste and preference. The Santana model is a fantastic guitar, as are most PRS guitars I have played. But there are certainly models out there I couldn't bond with.

My recommendation is to try to find one in a local guitar store, if possible. Even better, is if the seller is somewhere local and you can try the actual guitar. That is the best way to see if the guitar is a good fit for you.

Good luck!!!
That Santana's a looker. I would make that trade in a New York minute, and I'm in Chicago! Of course, that's just me!
I'd make the trade, but the disclaimer is I've been a dyed-in-the-wool PRS player for 25 years. I started on Gibsons, if that matters.
That should offer you some semblance of protection, since as far as Reverb is concerned, they're two separate transactions, but no recourse if you end up not bonding with it. But it should be able to sell, so you'll be alright, yes?