Long time; no post. Miss January 2013


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Apr 27, 2012
This morning, I asked a wood supplier to keep their eyes open for a type of figured flame maple top. So, I sent pics of this guitar to show what I’m looking for. It also reminded me that I haven’t posted this guitar for many (birds and) moons.

This was the selection for January 2013 in the PRS calendar. Pics of this guitar prompted some dude to post a thread entitled, “Would you return this guitar if you received this top?” I got a real kick out of that since I found this top in the vault and carried it around like gold until the order was placed. Different strokes for different folk and one man’s treasure.....:confused:

Maple top
Macassar ebony fretboard
IRW neck
Swamp ash back
Mammoth ivory/abalone birds

I also remember that thread. How times change... Now a lot of people also choose rotten wood with holes for their solid body guitar tops. They probably find it nicer than this?


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Oct 18, 2020
All flame maple tops are different but most of the time you have to have the guitars side by side to really see the differences. With that top you can spot it a mile away. I personally like it and if it was on a wall next to other flame top guitars I would be drawn to it more than the others. But l’m weird. If you were to give the guitar a name you should call it Spot.