Logarithmic pots on McCarty 594


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May 19, 2020
I bought recently a McCarty 594. Unlike the majority of PRSs these have two Volume pots and two Tone pots.
Using both pickups, this allows us to mix/blend at taste. Usually I like the bridge pickup at 10 and roll down the neck pickup.
One problem I found is this guitar comes with logarithmic pots on the volume. The problem is you can find a good blend with the neck vol between 9 and 10 at, lets say, 9.38. It's a way of speaking but the thing is: it is very sensitive. If you found a good tone there you may have some trouble finding the same spot again later. Or you may have to keep trying for some time.
That is why I have replaced the volume pots by linear ones, and now I can easily set the pot at 9, 8, 7, 6 or 5 to do what before would be between 9 and 10.
I don't know if someone else uses this type of functionality for the pots or it is just me.
A taper pots are stock on about everything - guitar wise - today. B taper is odd, but would be a personal preference thing. Glad it works for you.