Lindy Fralin Is Cool


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Apr 29, 2012
Called Lindy Fralin pickups with a question about some old Ibanez pickups that I wanted to get fixed. Left a voicemail.

On my ride home, Lindy called me back. I thought that he was kidding, and it was a tech support guy, but it was Lindy himself. Very cool guy, we spoke for a little while.

After dealing with so many mega-corporate conglomerates daily for business, it was really cool and unexpected to get an actual phone call back from the owner of a company whose stuff I like.
Thats awesome, no wonder Paul used his pickup in the Custom 22/12 !
Nice. I imagine his operation is still pretty small despite his popularity.

I remember the first time I called Bill Lawrence. His wife Becky handles the phones (she's awesome, btw). I had a technical question, and the next thing I know I'm on the line with Bill getting an education on pickups!
Back when Lindy first introduced his hum cancelling P-90s, I called and asked him about getting a version for Jazzmaster. We spoke at length about it. He wound me a set, I got them, installed them, then called him back with some questions. We spoke about the pros and cons of what those pickups had done to the guitar, and he suggested I send them back and he could wind them with a different wire and sure enough, the 2nd attempt really hit it out of the park. In all I spent probably 90 minutes on the phone with him directly across three phone calls over ONE set of pickups. I couldn't believe the time he put into making sure I was happy.

Another guy who did this - Bruce Egnater. I have a 1999 USA made TOL50 manufactured during his days with Rocktron. I was having some issues with fuses blowing and emailed their support. Bruce himself called me to discuss what was going on. He told me what to look for and how it could be fixed. I was most impressed.
I had the same surprise. I called to custom-order some P90s a couple of years ago, and each time I called I got Lindy on the phone.
I have also spoken with Lindy over the phone. He is always very helpful and professional!