Linda Ronstadt: The Movie

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    The name of the movie is "The Sound of My Voice". I'd known about it's release a few months ago, it started showing earlier this month. I saw it yesterday down here in Austin. A matinee show but there were still 30-40 people in the theater.

    You might wonder why I would post about some 'chick singer', right? Well here's the deal, if you were in a 70's/80's country/cover band with a female vocalist you played ALL of Ronstadt's radio hits in every set if the gal could handle it:

    You're No Good
    Blue Bayou
    When will I be loved
    Silver Threads/Golden Needles
    Living in the U.S.A.
    Poor Poor Pitiful Me
    Tumblin' Dice
    That'll be the day
    It's So Easy
    I Can't help It

    There's a complete set, right there...

    The great part was all the precision guitar arrangements by Andrew Gold(RIP) too.

    After watching this movie I would argue that Linda Ronstadt, not Whitney Houston or Celine Dion was the best female vocalist of my generation. Just the massive number of albums sold, the sold out arenas, etc...Platinum album after platinum album...Then the Mexican albums, and Standard albums...what a range.

    So if you have the chance, take your significant other and see this movie about a true giant and trailblazer, you will not regret it; guaranteed.
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    She also used to play with some pretty good backup:

    "Another backing band featured players Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner, who went on to form the Eagles. They toured with her for a short period in 1971 and played on Linda Ronstadt, her self-titled third album."
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    He's not wrong. I'd forgotten just how big a star Linda Ronstadt was in the 70s and 80s, and she could do just about anything she wanted to. I saw the film Friday, and it was the first time I saw any of the Pirates Of Penzance stuff (even though I knew she'd done it). The range and vocal control she had - man, what talent. Then to branch out to the Nelson Riddle stuff and the Mexican stuff and be as successful as she was with that? Maybe not my cup of tea (I liked the Riddle stuff, not so much the Mexican songs), but I can't deny how well she did it. And the Trio stuff with Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton - those harmonies were otherworldly.

    So Linda better than Whitney or Celine? I'm on that boat.
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    Well, Linda Ronstadt is from my home town so she's already got my vote for that alone.
    Pretty sure I went to school with one or two of her younger siblings.
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    I’m a bit young, but my folks were big fans of her so I heard plenty of her albums as a kid. Ditto- great range, kinda forgot about her until I saw an ad for this movie the other day and brought all those memories back.
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    Waddy Wachtel anybody ? The dude is awesome....
    The Linda biography is a good read by the way.

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