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    There's still plenty left for me to chose from! I can get on board an IPA like you mentioned your brother described a couple of posts up. I don't pay enough attention to the ones I like to remember what they are, but they're certainly cloudy, and not as bitter. As mentioned, more citrus notes than bitterness.
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    I've brewed several batches in my day and you got it mostly right.

    You can have one kind of hops and get 4 flavor profiles. When you start the boil and throw in some hops at the beginning, the citrusy overtones boil off but the bitterness remains. When the boil is maybe 50 minutes in (generally 10 minutes before you kill the heat) you throw in some more, and some of the fruitiness stays behind. Finally you can throw some in after heat has been turned off, and all the citrus oils will stay in the mash. But since the boil is still hot, and some of those oils might evaporate, you can wait even longer. Wait the week or so you're fermenting, and when you get to the bottling/kegging phase, run the beer through a container with fresh hops loaded in it (and some filters of course). Back in the day this container was called a "Randall" and when you see the term "dry hopped" on a bottle, this is what it's referring to. That way you get all the best fruitiness from the hops and next to no added bitterness.
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    Erdinger's gooood stuff! Had some in Leinsweiler, a little wine village East of Stuttgart several years back, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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