Let's Give Ourselves Some Props!!!

Nov 21, 2012
Not gigging tonite. Went out to see a band at the local pub. Seen them several times before.
They are really, really good. Two guitars, Chick singer (who can sing, not just shriek). Thoroughly? enjoyed myself.

Got me to thinkin' that a lot of us play in bar bands, or are weekend warriors and r quite good.
For our band, we have about 100 songs that we can play and move in and out as appropriate.
I know a lot of members are the same ... I think that is pretty impressive.
Regardless of how we learned them, to be able to play the songs well and keep people dancin' or just enjoyin', whether anyone else cares or not, I think is pretty powerful.
A good band is not as simple as most people think ... Like David Grissom said ... "playin' guitar is simple, but it's not easy".

A crumudgeon's diary of the nite, no big bitches, but a couple.

The band played Satisfaction and it strangely sucked.
It never fails to amaze me, even in a band of this calibre that they don't play Tush or All Right Now properly.
Minor quibbles, I bought them five or so rounds of shooters, but I also payed for my buddy who is struggling a little financially.
I only had six beer and the bill was $250 with a fifty dollar tip.

Anywho, I'm sure that no-one cares, but I had a really good time ... best in months and months.

I've always been the square peg tryin' to fit in the round hole of life. Never has worked very well but doin' the best I can.

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