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Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by Callawave, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Buck

    Buck It feels awesome to be metal in a plastic society

    Nov 18, 2017
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    Congrats on your new axe!!! I love my Tremonti Signature, favorite guitar by a mile! I've heard nothing but great things about the SE version...I also play through Blackstar, however mine seems to like my EVH 5150 iii more...match made in heaven!
  2. markd21

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    Jul 4, 2015
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    For me, the "LP equivalent" in my grouping would have to be my SC250 Artist. I have one of the SC245 57/08 Limited's also, but that guitar sounds WAY better than any LP I have ever heard, lol. The 250 (because of the gold hardware) has the Duncan Saturday Night Special set. THAT's what did it for me. Those pickups, while nowhere near as nice as the 57/08 - which is my fav of ALL time - gives the Lynyrd Skynyrd vibe that defines "Les Paul" sound for me.

  3. Lee B.

    Lee B. I stitch my wings and pull the strings.

    Jul 22, 2016
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    I always think of Lynyrd Skynyrd as a mongrelized '59 Strat arguing with a mongrelized '63 Firebird, with Bernice the '59 Burst stuck in the middle, trying to break up the ruckus.
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  4. dogrocketp

    dogrocketp I drank the PRS kool aid, and it was tasty!

    Apr 28, 2013
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    Of course it sounds killer, Mark! It's blue! Just PM me first if you ever unload it. I still have a kidney I can sell for another guitar.
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