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Oct 17, 2017
Last December we moved the grand total of 1/4 mile from our old house!

We like the area, but wanted more room. Our new home has a bigger footprint and scope to convert into more living space.

In March, phase 1 of our plans was completed in the form of a kitchen refit. Always an upheaval as it’s a room you use more times in a day than you realise.

Once that was complete, I started plans for an outdoor music room. I put pencil to paper and began making working drawings from which to calculate materials needed and dimensions.

In May, I took holiday to begin the project. Naively I believed that I’d be able to take delivery of timber soon after and commence the build. Due to Covid shortages the timber took 4 weeks to arrive. So I completed the ground work -

Then when the timber delivery arrived, work could begin in earnest -

I finished the base, insulated and floored it and then began on the walls -

I made up the frame work for the side that would contain the window and had to take another 4 week break whilst I waited on the double glazing to arrive -

Once the window and door arrived I could complete the remaining two sides and put on the roof -

And finally (at the moment), a couple of interior shots -

Obviously there is still a long way to go, but as soon as the roof is water tight, I can really move on at a pace.

Updates to follow and hopefully the AR family will be making some good music in this room soon!
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It’s a sloped roof, with about a 4 inch elevation at the front.

It measures approximately 4 x 4 metres inside, so a reasonable sized space.

Loads of insulation and acoustic plasterboard (drywall).

Two reasons for this are heat and noise containment.
Looking good!
Climate control plans?
(We are all full of questions :p)

Still under review. Any suggestions?

Reub, that's bad a$$!!!!! You do good work. Hopefully they neighbors won't mind a little racket :p

Thanks bro.

Our neighbours must be long suffering. I wonder what they will make of the garage conversion into a bedroom, after this!!