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Discussion in 'Amplifiers' started by Zachary Riggs, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Zachary Riggs

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    Apr 16, 2018
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    Im sure that this has been asked a lot, so I apologize in advance. Between the archon 25 and the MT15, which would be more suited for bedroom/ late night practice? I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos and most people hit on late night volume, but don’t really say much else.
  2. bodia

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    Jan 21, 2015
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    I'm gonna say the Archon. I know the MT-15 is "15w", but it is loud! There is also a noticeable spot on the Master volume pot where it jumps from pretty quiet to pretty loud. Louder than bedroom, at least. You can get that low volume, but it's touchy. I think there is more control on the Archon. I do have an MT-15 and an Archon 50. Both awesome!

    I would say this about the MT-15, if you want a nice clean and a pedal platform, I'd say grab it. The clean channel is a little better at maintaining a lower volume. Plus, for the price, you can't beat it.
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    You can improve the control at low volume by putting an effect or volume control in the FX loop that has attenuation. It will act as a second master volume.
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  4. jjhookemup

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    Jul 4, 2018
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    Get you a Weber mass50 attenuator too. $120. Must have to really enjoy your amp at that volume.

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