Keep the 245 se or get a tremonti custom se?


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Mar 13, 2013
As the title says i have a 245se one of the limited edition runs sold in the uk so i think only 20 of them in quilted red similar to that if that link works.

I also have an Se tremonti, now i absolutly love playing the tremonti (one of the older ones with dot inlays and thinner body) and i love the sound range that the 245 gives me, but i cant say i love playing the 245 i like it but havent fallen for it.

I want humble opinions is it worth changing the 245 for a Tremonti custom se? are the pick-ups in the custom se the same as the ones in my tremonti or the 245 or completly different?

I have had a play on one and i liked it but the trouble is with me i need to have a guitar for a few weeks before i know if i like it or not, ten minutes in a shop tells me no more than if its ok or i hate it.

I have no intention of getting rid of the tremonti i have
I think the most important thing here is that you can admit that you haven't fallen in love with the 245. Sometimes you just don't bond with a guitar as well as others. Since you've played a Tremonti SE Custom, I'm guessing you know the differences (longer scale, floating tremolo, wide thin neck, etc). The SE Custom does have the same pickups, SE 245 treble and bass. It also has the same body thickness if I'm not mistaken. I have a limited run Tremonti SE Custom in purple burst that I also got from the UK (pic in my sig below) and I love it. But I'm worried that there aren't enough differences in the two models for you. Look at the specs closely, and if you think the differences are big enough, then I would go for it! It's your guitar and you have to be happy with it, right?
These guitars are pretty close in nature but I vote for the Tremonti Custom because it has the up-routed trem. If that is something that you don't want/like then stay with the 245 because other than the differences in the necks they are just too similar.
Thanks for the reply guys. I have made the choice to put my 245se up for sale on ebay uk. (its on there black cherry one) i still have my tremonti and love that ... i will see how it goes and may venture into the land of the tremonti custom depending on how bad the GAS gets
oh, and one more thing you need to take into consideration, the SE Tremonti Custom has a Wide Thin neck, which is much thinner compared to the SE 245 or the SE Tremonti's Wide Fat neck. It's not exactly a big deal if you're not super picky with necks. Since you've played it once, you probably need to play it a few more time, see if the neck works wonders for you. :cheers: