Just pre-ordered my first US PRS. A CE24 in White Satin! (UK)

Samuel Cramphorn

New Member
Nov 21, 2020
Hey all!

Just joined the forum/

I've just managed to find a steal with a local music shop near me (PMT) and they're selling the CE24 Satin in White for £1125 - this is cheaper than I can find second hand, so I'm very happy with that!

How do you guys rate these? For me, Im desperate to get a US PRS, and although its not my dream one id get, its definitely a starter!

Very excited to get it hopefully.
I think you'll be surprised at what a seriously good guitar this is when it's set up to your liking. Enjoy the first of many, and welcome.

The CE-24 is my favorite PRS model. I have a newer (2017) satin one and an older (1993) one. The 2017 is the best overall guitar I’ve ever owned. Even beats my core Custom 24. You’re gonna absolutely LOVE your CE!