Just In Case (Historical Reference)


Zombie Zero, DFZ
Aug 1, 1985
Recently, I was speaking to the owner of a 1985 Custom regarding its case. The gentleman believes that the guitar's case is original (because that is what the late Ed Roman told him when he bought it). I am pretty sure it isn't original but I've been wrong before. That discussion got me thinking about the value of a threat that is laser-focused on the history of PRS guitar cases.

So please go get your guitar(s), open the case(s), put the guitar(s) in the case, and post a photo showing both sides of the interior. Please note the production year and model of the instrument. For those of you with blue-lined cases, extra points awarded for including a photo of the middle clasp. The reason for that should become evident.


Year: 1986
Model: Custom


This is the clasp for an early case but not blue-lined.

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@]-[@n$0Ma☩!© Sir, you have some bada$$ guitars.

Thank you but a few of those guitars have moved on.

I know, I know... it's faux pas to post guitars that we no longer own. Alas, this thread is about creating a reference for would be buyers, sellers, and collectors. I'm hoping PfennRock lets me off the hook (this time).
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Is that case original? If so, post it please.
I don't have a 3rd party photo site anymore. I'd be happy to send pics through text or email.

As far as I know the case is original. I bought the guitar from original owner.

It was from the guy that came here asking where to sell his 86 not knowing they had become more valuable.

That was maybe 3 years ago?
A couple of the classic 1985 PRS cases - one has a blue lining and the other black - but the cases are otherwise identical.

This is the case I'd expect to see with a very early guitar - however there are different cases that were used even for very early guitars.

This is also the model of case in the pictures I've seen of the first prototype Custom.

One houses 5 00XX in and the other 5 01XX - I no longer own either.



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