Just how many songs have you performed in your lifetime on stage?


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Nov 4, 2012
washington iowa
This past sat night during a break, we got to talking about this and it got me thinking. What is my number? I would say, just guessing mind you, just with my current group 400-500? I would have to give it some serious thought for a lifetime number. How about it folks, whats your number. Promise I wont hold it against you!
It is hard to imagine.
The bar band I played with the most had enough material for 4 nights in a row and a fair number of spares: probably 300 or more.
I played with two big bands that didn't have much overlap. I think each had a catalog of about 100 songs.
Pit band for half a dozen shows - averaging maybe 15 pieces each (there is more music than what the audience would consider songs).
The ice show had more than a theater show at 30-40 pieces.
I have no idea how many of them I could still play, or even remember the names of.
I guess around 1000 songs (most repeated at each show). Wish I could remember most of them.
Concert bands, symphonic bands, marching bands, jazz ensembles, pit bands, pep bands, performance choir support, '50s/'60s/'70s/'80s/'90s/'00 rock bands, AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! What, maybe 2000? Impossible to break all that down. We have a library of 300+ songs in the '50/'60s band alone (that's not all that tough since they're all 3 chords :p).
Geez, 40 or so songs as a youngster, performed them 6 or 7 times each = 280
Another 30 in a recent cover band that I got sick of, 8 times each = 240
Current band has a repertoire of 70 songs, with another 30 we've scrapped in the past few years. 15 gigs a year, perform 30 songs per gig, have been doing this for 7 years = 3150

So learnt and played about 170 songs, 3670 times

Prob an even 4000 if you could all the ceremonial/marching stuff and the times where I've just got up and played somewhere. Wow it adds up!
I cant remember what day garbage goes out but i can remember songs i learned in high school. Kind of weird.
Wow guys, I have never been in a cover band and can't believe how many tunes you guys know! If I had to guess at a number with all the bands I have been in or worked for I would have to say 300ish? of course my time as a reggae selector has diminished my short term memory capacity.:girl:
About 300 individual songs during a 4 year period. How many times were they played? Geesh, couldn't guess.
I can't remember, too many to count I guess. There are one time gigs that require you to learn a couple dozen songs in a very short period of time, after which you simply forget you even played them!