Just got mine today


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May 5, 2012
My H combo just came today. Had about half an hour to play it and it sounds awesome! It should only sound better as it gets broken in I'd think. Great cleans and the perfect gain channel for my tastes.

How does the effects send and return volume knobs work? Where is a good setting? Half way? Full bore? Does it lessen the gain as you turn it down, or is it strictly volume? And what are they for? I've never had an amp with them. They don't seem to just change effects plugged into the send and return, so what do they do?
Not sure if you have the manual but if you don't you can download it from the above section "support"

Here is an excerpt from it on the effects loop.

Effects Loop Description and Tips: The 2 Channel features an Effects Loop that is integral to the
overall sound of the amp. This lets your amp’s tone stay pure whether you choose to use and
effects chain, or plug straight in and rock. There is no need for a bypass. The loop’s send and return
levels have a sweet spot at around 2 o’clock. However, you can lower these levels for recording, or
boost them for live playing. If the Send and Return levels are turned off, you will not hear signal
from your amp.
Loop Return: Input for the end of your effect chain.
Return Level Control: Volume control of your “wet” signal from your effects chain. Set lower for
recording, higher for live playing. We have found that the sweet spot is around 2 o’clock.
Loop Send: Input for the front of your effects chain.
Send Level Control: Volume of your “dry” signal (signal before passing through effects chain). Again,
set lower for recording, higher for live playing. The sweet spot seems to sit around 2 o’clock here
as well.

Hope that helps you out some.