Award winning tattoo artist ... Amateur guitarist
Nov 5, 2018
So, my pic addiction is taking over and even though I posted pix of this girl recently, I couldn't help myself. I feel like this was a good choice to get back on the horse.

And the band is revving up to get this scratch demo started to push forward with an album. So, hopefully, I'll get to see how this beauty sounds when I listen to it played back. (Somehow to me, that is like hearing your own voice on an answering machine. How you hear YOURSELF is different than how you are really heard by others).

Anyway. . . . the pic....lol

Looks great! Getting along with the trem?
Well, I haven't actually put the arm in it up to this point. Seems pretty stable considering it has a fresh set up and new strings that I haven't fully stretched out yet. What I am really finding different is the wide/thin. I have only had one other one with that profile. All my others were wide/fat (which I love). The muscle memory is pretty much back though in just a few days. I am having fun with it. :D
Very nice! Love the shade of this color, without it being over the top kinda thing. Just sexy.