John Mayer “Honey” McCarty


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Feb 3, 2023
So I’ve been spending quite a lot of time and effort trying to figure out this guitar, mainly the electronics/wiring. I emailed PRS directly about the mini switches, and what they told me was that the guitar has “an overall coil tap and a ‘neck switch position selector’. Does anyone know what that means? From what I can hear, when the guitar is on the neck pickup and the mini switch is down, it has a unique mid range tone, where as when the switch is up, it has the traditional neck tone. If anyone has an idea as to what a “neck switch position selector” is, I’d love to know!
I hope this link will be helpful

I hope this link will be helpful

I appreciate the link, although I’m 99% sure the wiring and electronics of Honey are completely different from the Super Eagle. I believe this “neck switch position selector” is a new feature that they haven’t publicly explained.
I know this is off-topic from your question, but I think part of the tonality comes from the maple neck in JM's 594. His pickups are also wound differently; no details available. In the hours and hours of DeadCo videos I've watched, JM seems to be glued to the middle pickup. Whether it's split or a full HB, I don't know. So, even if the electronics allow various options for the Neck and Bridge, most of what we're hearing is from the middle pick-up anyway.
Just in case anyone has a spare £33k just sitting around -

Just in case anyone has a spare £33k just sitting around -

If I did you'd have it by now! :D