John Mann Vintage Locking Tuners


It's a '59 with 4 knobs
May 3, 2021
Hope this finds yall well

I was looking to upgrade S2 594 stock tuners to these. I'm a little confused because they're not listed on the PRS accessories website, but they're still listed as official PRS tuners. Does PRS make vintage locking tuners (w/ brass posts, not John Mayer ones w/ nickel post)?

Also does anyone have any experience with these and how they compare to stock? Correct me if mistaken, but I'm assuming they're drop ins.
Just installed these bad boys on my S2 and was relieved about how easy it was to change.

Love the added convenience of lockers and tuning seems very stable. Glad I upgraded.

Got my eye on 57/08 set now
I have one s2 594 with locking and the another without. Aside cutting down 3-5 mins with the string changes, I really prefer the visual look of non locking. I use this with my electric screwdriver and it makes string changes a breeze. Days of using crappy winders are long gone. I figure there’s gotta be a reason Paul decided to use non locking tuners with the 594 line