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    Hey guys!

    JD Simo rocks, he is my absolute favorite guitarist of today, without question. Incredible blues guitarist, with some funk mixed in there, and his own very unique style. Seems like a great guy as well.

    He has been posting some great content on YouTube here in the last couple of months with the quarantine going on, and somehow only has 534 subscribers as of this post. (How is that even possible?!?)

    Check it out, subscribe if you like it, and let your friends know!


    Somehow I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of JD's favorite Cabs from when he was gigging vintage Marshalls (he plays through a vintage Fender now), along with a pretty pristine 1965 JTM45 Head that I picked up yesterday.


    My many PRS SC 594s sound GREAT through the JTM45 and JD's Cab! :)

    It is the Cab under the Purple Plexi in this old Premiere Guitar Rig Rundown:

    He is a real gear nut, it is a pretty cool Rig Rundown.

    I am hopeful that at least a tiny bit of JD's guitar playing magic will travel from the Cab through the gear and into my fingers and soul! ;)

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