JA 15 and the Pickups

Jan 16, 2013
I was taking a look at the JA 15 on the PRS website. The overview says it comes with 53 10's, but the spec page says 57 08s. I have three quick questions? Which one is it? Why not the the archtop treb and bass pups? One last question. I asked before, but got no response. What is the output of the archtop pickups? When I read archtop, I think jazzy sounds. Which is great! I am leaning towards ordering a private stock 12 string or JA 15 at years end if everything goes right and I need some background on these pups. Thank you.
They ship with the 53/10's. I've got one and can say that for my ears they are a perfect match for that guitar. I have no insight into the Archtop pups, I'm sure someone else will chime in.

EDIT: Doh! Forgive me. I spoke too soon! I consider myself fortunate to have JA-15 with 53/10's along with a Private Stock that has them as well. Sad to see them gone.
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Perhaps if you find old stock, I thought 53/10's weren't available anymore.
The JA-15 was originally equipped with 53/10 pickups, but the wire is no longer available so now we use 57/08 pickups on this model.

The Archtop pickups have output of 6.75K Bass and 7.25Kbridge.
Concur, they used to be 53/10s, but since they're not available any longer (for now?) I think they've gone to 57/08s. The discrepancy is probably just an oversight.

No idea why they're not Archtops, possibly because PRS like to stick with the 5x/yz series at the moment (with some exceptions). Both the 57/08s and the 53/10s are very versatile pickups, I'd give the edge to the 53/10s for woody warmth, and if you can find a 2012 model JA, I'd be grabbing that one.

As for your last question, maybe this will help (courtesy of google and Mr. vchizzle)

Thank you everyone for your responses. It was just the info I needed. I am leaning towards a Private Stock JA 15 12 string if the year goes well. That JA 15 is just sweet! Thanks again everybody.
fixed it on the the model page. thanks for bringing it to our attention!