iTunes 11 -- Not Liking It?


Love Boat Captain
Sep 7, 2012
Anyone downloaded the new iTunes 11 yet? Aargh...not into it.

Right off the bat the album view does not let you adjust size of the artwork as in the past, and the default size is really big. Since it sweeps all cloud items into all devices (an unwelcome change for me as we have three users each with their own phones, iPads and MBPs--one of which is a 14 year old girl. I now have her collection mixed in with mine. Books too--Pretty Little Liars volumes 1-10 anyone?).

I don't think you can add your own artwork either, which sux if you d/l bootlegs like I do/torrents etc.

Mossberg in the WSJ today loved it. I am starting to see why he has the reputation of an Apple fanboy.

Anyone else have any thoughts?
So far I think it's exactly the same as 10, but I don't have those special needs cases like you do. It's just me on there.

At first I was worried I couldn't have the column browser I like, but it was just a setting/view adjustment.
I also think I lost an album or two in the upgrade. One of which was Live at Ludlow Garage by the Alllmans, featuring the ultimate Mountain Jam. ::shakes fist at sky, stomps away::
I had hoped to see an improvement over 10 which is and has been garbage. But I've had a lot of issues with 11 so far. It just refuses to work. Locks up, even little things like when selecting checkboxes in settings the little check mark doesn't appear half the time, I've got to close and reopen it constantly to keep it working. Once you turn on all the things they turned off, it doesn't realy look that much different then 10. I also don't like the new Remote App on the iPad. The ruined the GUI.
Never really used iTunes other than for updating my iPod. Much prefer Winamp for managing my iPod and my music library.
I have never once downloaded any music from any source. I must be one of the few who has never taken the plunge, especially considering how into music I am. I'm afraid the day is coming when I won't have any other option(s), but so far I've never done it. I know I'm missing out on a lot of rarities, etc.... Maybe I need to join the 21st Century. :dontknow: