Its time to say goodbye


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Oct 15, 2012
pensacola FL
Dear Friends,
I am going to sea tomorrow,will not be able to read or post. A welcome break for yall as I know A little of me goes a long way.. But yall have put up with my immaturity, this is the only place I can be this way. At work, I have no friends and cannot be seen as foolish in any way. This has been better than Facebook as the people that wanted to be my friends there have a political agenda..I cant take 27 posts a day about Obama being the Antichrist.. I dont like to discuss politics or religion, thats why I love this Forum.
Now about the Music part... When I was a boy dog, I used to be a band geek(Kinda like Allyson Hannigan on American Pie) But I loved listening to the riffs on the Midnight Special and my family lived in the Mississippi Delta where I got a huge dose of the blues (BOY I DIDNT KNOW HOW LUCKY I WAS).Most people took it for granted, me included. There were a lot of blues players that I met as a young boy that never made fame. Oh to go back and do it again.
Anyway, just wanted to thank Hans(no more Homewrecker 5000 references) Justin Mundy,Ned, (Let the healing Begin) Mr. Mike Garvey (the go to guy for all things Foriegn and Domestic) Albrect, and Shawn at PRS.. The main reason I picked a PRS guitar is because Paul Reed Smith knew that Gibson wasnt the one all be all and had lost their compass.If I left anyone out it is because I tend to be forgetful.
This board has made my life more enjoyable, just like my Bernie Marsden has, no bull.
See yall in 28 days!!!
Captain David Gibson
M/V (will leave vessel name blank)
Safe journeys, Captain! Its not a "goodbye" but a "see you when you're back" !
And of course, "Bon Voyage" from Ned!

(Did'ja bring a copy of Joyce's "Ulysses" for your travels??) :p
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