It's Always Good To Lose A Few Pounds, Right?


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Apr 26, 2012
I have long felt a need for something resonant and sweet for certain projects. Ever since selling a 335 some years back, I haven't had that kind of vibe available. My SC58 was very resonant, but in a different kind of way, and the 58 is gone. The HB addresses that need.

I decided to put in an order for a HBII over the weekend.

It's what I really need for the work. And even though I can't really imagine being able to hear BRW v IRW fingerboard wood, I went with the BRW because...well...because it's available, and I figured I'd regret not going that way if it's an option.

I've had a semi-hollow CU22, and loved it. I have a feeling this will really be a great fit.

Also going with mahogany neck and 57/08s. That's my favorite configuration for this model.
How many is that now, four? I'm starting to believe that is a perfectly reasonable amount of guitars.
How many is that now, four? I'm starting to believe that is a perfectly reasonable amount of guitars.

Yup. It'll be three electrics once it comes in, and one acoustic. Seems reasonable, as the electrics will really all do different things.

But I'm starting to feel I've gone over to the "dark side." ;)

Thanks for the good wishes, guys!
Congrats Les, I agree it'll be a great tool to fill a void in your pallete for your work.
The 58 is gone...?

Yeah, about a month or so ago. I just wasn't using it much on my tracks. I loved playing it for its resonance and sustain, but I was carving out too much of the bottom end with EQ given the styles I've been recording.

I figured the HB will give me a different kind of resonant thing, with a lighter bottom end, so I wanted to go in that direction.

Of course, I already miss the 58. It was a keeper, and yeah, I shoulda woulda coulda hung onto it. I sometimes get a bit too obsessed about making a change, and regretting it later. :bawling:
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I just suppressed DGT Gas and now you are giving me HB Gas. Congrats. I eagerly await your always insightful and well written review.