It Begins! SE Tremonti Standard Mod Project


stupid dumb Tremonti fanboy
Nov 4, 2021
As noted in a previous thread, I am modding my 2020 SE Tremonti Standard, and the rest of the parts I decided to use have all arrived. Almost immediately after purchasing the guitar, I had a Graphtech nut, SE locking tuners, and USA cream pickup rings installed, but the electronics have been virtually unaddressed. The pickups are microphonic and not quite as nice-sounding as the SD Hot-Rodded set I installed in my other SE (though the JB bridge on that guitar is also starting to go microphonic, so I need to do something about that too lol). Here's a quick list of everything else I'm putting into this guitar:

-USA Tremonti bridge pickup
-Wolfetone Dr. Vintage covered neck pickup (thanks for the recommendation!)
-PRS volume pots
-PRS push-pull tone pots for coil-splitting
-Switchcraft jack
-PRS lampshade knobs

I'll also probably have the control scheme changed to the "PRS singlecut layout" for the knobs, as right now it's configured like a regular Les Paul, and I'm not really a fan. I'd like to have a cream pickup selector switch and an aftermarket truss rod cover, but they're more cosmetic preferences than anything, so I'm putting those off for now. Hoping I can get everything to a luthier and back soon, as I play at my church in two Sundays, but we'll see what happens!

I'll also look into an image-sharing site so I can post pics after everything's finished :)