It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over.

Congrats Les...that's a a beauty! Unfortunately I completely get why this model is irresistible...*sigh*
I wasn't really interested in the 594 until they produced the soapbar model.

Only drawback is it looks like it's a limited time production, so I don't really expect to be able to get one.

Since it is a limited time production and not a limited guitar production dealers are ordering. I suspect you could even contact a dealer and have them order the color and package you would like in either SC or DC. But the waiting is the hardest part ...
Well played Les. Nice guitar and had a blues hawk with p90's. Never should have sold that one. for a cheap guitar it wailed.
Cool guitar. I've been spending time trying to get my mind right with the 594 then they release the 594 soapbar.

What the hell is a guy to do?