Is your non-PS PRS one of a kind?

Hoot-ka! Can't compete with that! :eek:

My S2 Vela in Satin Charcoal is one of only 2/3 prototypes in this finish.

And I’m pretty sure it’s the only one with a Railhammer pickup!

All of my guitars are somewhat "unicorns" in the PRS universe. Here are two examples:

1. "core" P22 with a "non-core" top in a "non-core" color:

2. The SCF started as a very limited edition SC Trem IRW and was heavily "skitchified" at PTC:

My next PRS hopefully will be a PS Cu24 stop tail I promised myself for my 50th B-Day. Luckily there is still some time left, because I have still a lot of money to raise (and maybe I could be talked into parting with one or the other of my unicorns to raise funds for this project ;-))
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I have two that are a bit unique, no idea if others exist tho. First is a 2000 Santana 1 with a BRW fretboard. As you know, Santana 1 production was stopped in 1998, and they had IRW boards. Not sure how this one was made / for who, but it is certainly unique. The second is an archtop II finished in tiger eye, which was only available on artist package and PS. This one is clearly marked as a 10 top. It was made as a dealer's personal guitar.
I suppose my 408 could be considered one of a kind. It's one of Brian's wood library semi-hollows, 8 were built, but I got the only one in charcoal tri-color burst with a rosewood neck:D

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I have some unusual birds that have flown the PRS coop.....

(pics to follow)

1994 McCarty Standard with a TREM (never offered) that was built for David Grissom

2007 Singlecut built to LP specs, that was built for Derek St. Holmes

2011 Swamp Ash Studio built as an Artist Relations guitar (still a mystery who the artist was)

2010 Custom 22 semi-hollow cedar back, maple neck, maple fretboard with red bird inlays (I was advised it is one of two in this configuration)

2005 Singlecut 20th Ann....goldtop. I have NEVER seen another 20th Ann Goldtop. I'm sure they made a few...but I've yet to see any.

Two others I have are just on the rare-ish side....

McCarty Trem flametop
McCarty Trem goldtop

I like to think my Custom 24 is. Anything sold at EXP is special. Honduran mahogany neck isn't too common on customs and with satin finish and ebony board. 'Mmmmmm now I miss it
Yes. My Avatar guitar is probably a one-off. It is a DGT Artist in Boyd's Burst, subtle and very "flamed Spruce" looking top, slick and dark Indian rosewood neck, gaboon ebony fretboard and headstock. Never seen anything remotely close to it. Easily one of the best sounding and playing guitars in my lifetime.

I have a bunch of 1-off's and a prototype that might be considered one of a kind, but they are not rare old PRSi. Many of them have differences with the production models that are only skin deep.
Johnny Hiland 1-off with McCarty switching in Iguana Run,

Left to Right:
HB1 1-off Quilted Purple Burst with Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard and Veneer, Paua birds, and a Piezo
Prototype 305, 1 of 20, but all 20 were different. That one has black MOP inlays, a Modern Eagle Inlay, and tapped singlecoils.
513 1-off Gunmetal Blueburst, The front looks like a charcoal burst, but the burst actually fades to Gunmetal Blue. Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard.



513 1-off Smokeburst. Made at a time when maple necks and fretboards weren't even options on the 513. Has the old 513 neck carve, scalloped nut, and a satin nitro finish. Gold MOP Inlays. I call it "The Romulan," because the birds themselves are nearly invisible against the flame maple. "Cloaked birds," if you will.

And finally, SAS 1-off in Ocean Teal

I also have an special order HB1 in emerald green with a matching back. Back at the time that that one was made, the emerald green HB1's had black backs. I don't know if its one of a kind, but it is uncommon.
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Hm, is my non PS 513 MT a one off? Due to the fact that every blank of wood differs from each other yes.
But off the shelf there have been a few things that differs her from other 513s produced in 2011.
It has Phase III tuners and the at that time new PRS nut. As production line features the 513s for 2011 were offered with scalloped nut (respectively the 513 nut) and Phase II tuners.
The production year 2012 came across with Phase III.
An unforseen appointment with PRSh in 2014 lead to a modification of the electric parts (PCB to hand-wiring). Hand-wiring on 513s has been instroduced in 2014 Core production line.
The aftermarket replacement parts ordered by Crazy Parts (LS knobs, ebony tuner buttons, EIRW tips for the switches and the vibrato arm) or my Austrian luthier (EIRW backplates) make my
513 MT a little more unique.
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