Is this the future for studios?


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Jun 27, 2012
Auburn, WA. USA
Saw this elsewhere, pretty cool.

Introducing The Slate Pro Audio RAVEN MTX Multi-Touch Production System

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Pretty cool piece of gear!

As to it being the future...? Who knows... Lot of traditionalists so I think it would have to be significantly more useful than what's out there.

Bet the price is eye watering!!!

Wonder how long it'll be before 'touch screen finger' is something people will be seeking treatment for? :)
Thats pretty sweet but can you imagine the price tag. I'm thinking a room full of Private Stocks

It's not as bad as you'd think. The big one in the video is $15k. There is a smaller 27" version with less I/O that's going to be $3499.
It's a shame for "all-in-one" digital devices like this and Orange's PC, that technology progresses so quickly. With many features on those devices being obsolete before any kind of ROI is reached, a more modular system is still the better choice.
Actually, my partner and I are considering one of the Raven systems for his room.

Except for the I/O, which is necessary regardless of technology changes, it's really a big controller that depends on the host software and a computer in addition to its own software. We're planning to check one out to see if its software functionality is both as detailed and far-reaching as we hope.

John's more the audio post engineer between the two of us; I'd rather have a synth keyboard in front of my monitor.
That guy is pretty serious. Cool piece of gear.
+1. He reminds me of one of those guys who narrate the "extreme" video clip shows, like "Extreme Car Crashes" or "Destroyed in Seconds" where they take a grainy video clip and show it 60 times while some dude narrates the details with 60 different adjectives to describe it.

But yeah, my job is working with computers all day, the last thing I really want to do on my free time is spend a bunch more time on the computer. I miss the hands-on boards and find the tedious mouse clicking in pro-tools is... well, very tedious. So, having something more hands-on and less like a computer is a good idea. I'll buy one in 15 years when you can pick one up at your local Toys-R-US.
Slate's hardware and software are both excellent. I use all of the Slate software tools, and really, they sound absolutely unlike anything else on the market. Fabrice Gabriel, who does the software design, is simply a genius. He's way ahead of the curve.

As much as I admire, for example, the Waves guys, put the comparable Slate stuff up against the Waves that's supposed to do the same thing, and the Slate stuff really impresses for its greater depth and detail.

The hardware also sounds great; the compressor in particular is a very, very nice take on the 1176 style of compressor.

Slate himself seems like quite the character, definitely a hard-charger. Gotta admire his ears for good products.
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Hmm. First thing that comes to mind is "another screen to melt my eyeballs in this dimly lit studio". Seriously I get enough eye fatigue from working on pro tools, this would really hurt after several hours. Nifty controller though.