Is this a PRS?

Ithe carve lookalike one but what the hell happened to the bridge?
Ok, so I found a number to call. The guy thought it was a Les Paul. I told him it wasn't. Bad news is the headstock is broken off & gone!
Final word from the PTC:
We do not offer replacing neck or headstocks. I personally would pass on something like this, just my opinion.
The STC says: "Buy it for 300 and try and transfer the neck from a 300 Tremonti SE just to see if you can."
Scarf joint. You choose the headstock shape. Design your own or go with one of the classics. How would it look Gibson-style? You might even be able to pick up an original. They keep falling off after all. :biggrin:
I live in Nashville as well. Is that where the estate sale is? If those are Tremonti pickups, I wouldn't mine trying to snag those.
UPDATE: Not sure if I know anyone who can take on this job cheaper than buying a used one somewhere......
I went to see it for myself today........WOW!! Somebody destroyed this one...

This info from Matt: It all looks legit and would be a 2007 Singlecut, figured maple top, mahogany neck with a wide/fat carve, rosewood fretboard with an Old Gold Metallic finish.
Looks like several guitars I have seen that have been crushed in shipping. There was a pretty epic thread on TGP maybe a year ago where some guys, just for fun, rebuilt a SE that was delivered crushed like this. Also, at least one of Sergio's guitars had some electronics pushed through the guitar like that.