Is the PRS Dave Navarro Signature still on?


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May 8, 2012
I searched everywhere on the Internet for a new Dave Navarro Signature, but couldn't find one. Is it still on? Do I need to talk to my local dealer if I want one?

Also I noticed on the PRS website, the fretboard of Dave Navarro Signature is not marked as Brazilian rosewood. Does that mean that the current model is using east indian rosewood? If so, can I have PTC change it into ebony, 'cause I don't really like light color fretboard on a white guitar.

Pretty sure the Navarro is still a go man. I am with you though. When they stopped using brazillian I had my fingers crossed they would switch over to ebony on the navarro. I am sure the PTC could do that for you...they seem to be able to do anything and do it well.
The Sweetwater site says the Navarro model is a special order item. I'm guessing that means you can order them from just about any dealer but few will be stocked in stores(if any).
If you're looking for one with a Brazzy board, just check some of the gear forum 'for sale places'. I saw one there that was priced nicely. No affiliation with the seller, but wanted to give you a heads up. Good luck!
Used Navarro's are selling on the cheap right now, typically less than a CU24 in similar condition. There have been a few first generation ones with a Brazzy board that have gone for a sweet price as well.