Is the Bernie...

I too toggle between my Bernie and "Mrs" Robertson (as I call her) as the two best SEs in my herd. Tremonti's not bad either.
Changing out the stock P90 for an SD Antiquities version really put her on top of Bernie...where she screams. ;)
For me, I’d have to go ZM or maybe CR. Mostly due to the adjustable stoptail. In case I need to get weird with tuning or string gauges. The ZM is the only SE I’ve owned. I’d love another one. If a dealer run of ebony tops happened, I’d be in trouble for sure.
I have a problem. 6 smoking SE's, all modified up the wazoo to my tastes. And all great players. Tremonti Custom, Singlecut trem, 245, EG, 30th Anni Custom 24, Single cut 2-P90's. The custom 24 gets my vote as best of the bunch.
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Why is this guitar only limited release in the UK for 2018 if it is so great???? It is a shame cause I know I would get one if they were readily available here right now.