Is it worth switching from 85/15s to 85/15?

Is it worth switching from 85/15s to 85/15?

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Feb 18, 2024
I have an S2 custom 24 and am wondering if it is worth upgrading from the 85/15s to the 85/15.

Does anyone have experience with both and can describe the difference?
Short answer, Yes. They are only similar in name. I'm not a fan of either, but had plenty of guitars with both.

The 8515S are my very definition of meh. Don't really excel at much and don't fail at much either. All in all not bad but not great. Some people like them, I don't, but there is worse out there.

The US 8515 are probably the most clear and articulate pickups I've ever played. Too much for me personally, if that's a thing. They are on the modern side of things and do most things well if not great. The neck is tops in terms of PRS pickups, but the bridge is lacking to me. Pairs amazing with the \m/ bridge, which rocks and very versatile.

There is a noticeable difference to the core versions of imports. Your ears and S2 will luv you for it. Happy modding.
I replaced 85/15S in my SE SAS with 85/15 TCI. As SinSir said the non S versions are more clear and articulate. I found the 85/15S to be muddy compared to my 2015 core Custom 24 with 85/15 pickups, which is why I upgraded the SAS. I think the TCI versions to be more articulate than the 2015 versions. I was going to put the TCI pickups in my Custom 24 and put those pickups in my SAS, but decided not to mess with the Custom 24 as it is a 30th Anniversary model.

I added a 6 position Freeway switch to my SAS which allowed me to split both humbuckers, and I replaced the push-pull tone with push-push and wired it to add the middle pickup to all pickup positions, giving me 12 different sounds.

I found the upgrade to be worth the cost.
I had the the 85/15s in my s2 CU24, and regular 85//15 in a CE24, thought they sounded similar. Liked both.
I'm in the yes camp. In fact, just this morning I replaced the 85/15"S" set in my S2 Standard 24 with a set of USA HFS/Vintage Bass. Hadn't intended to when I got the guitar but I had them sitting around, tried them in an SE I had and they were just plain better. The split tones are way better!
Granted....into some gain...but rolled back with the volume and then turned up. Both pups if I recall. I personally like them and if I wanted the USA version, I'd buy the guitar that already has them. BTW.. I did swap out the nut and saddles to Graphtech which did increase sustain and smoothed out the high freqs...but very subtle. The sustain, much more noticeable.
Btw...the pickups by themselves split Both engaged and split...oh my...major change to make my Amer Standard Strats with Alnicos...sit up and listen!!
I also have a Seymour Duncan JB Bridge Humbucker lying around. How does the 85/15 (without s) compare? Would it be worth exchanging the JB for the 85/15s bridge?