Is it possible to redo the 5 way blade switching on the P22?


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Aug 29, 2012
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I'd really like to get from the five way blade:
1) Just the bridge pickup humbucker
2) Just the bridge pickup split single coil
3) both - singles or humbuckers - whatever will work
4) Just the neck split single coil
5) Just the neck humbucker

It hit home the other day trying to play "Mary Jane's last dance" that I wanted my single coil sounds back. I also heard David himself during a DGT demo get that bridge Tele pickup sound out of a DGT - I want that tone back. So go buy a DGT? Right? Yes - if it had a PIEZO. ;-)

So I wonder with the electronics for the PIEZO - is it possible to rewire it to get these combinations?
You could try a 3-way blade out of a 408, and add a push-pull (or push-push) coil tap pot, just to simplify it a little bit.

Not sure if the 3-way has the same footprint as the 5-way, but by the looks of the pics it seems like the same size (can anyone confirm?)

Then you just need to convince Shawn to sell you one!
THANKS! :D That's pretty close - a little different implementation but it would be cool to have 8 sounds under trigger plus the Piezo.

Shipping back and forth from California would cost more than the mod....

Paging Shawn@PRS :wave: - Any chance PTC would sell this as a kit like the 5 way rotary to toggle conversion kit? :D