Is Artist Package worth it for a P22?

Anyone else a fan of the new finish on PRS maple necks? I was not a big fan of the old nitro finish, but I find this new finish allows the natural resonance of the wood to come through and the finish is significantly easier to play, especially in warm weather when sweat is a factor. Not to mention the maple necks on the new Artist Packages are simply eye popping.

I thought the new finish felt great. However ... I will say the old SAS nitro finish feels great also ... you just have to play it a while for it feels that way.
You can also take a micromesh cloth and knock off the gloss on a sticky, shiny neck...

The new maple necks and finish are PERFECT! :)


I'm getting a maple woodie - or is that a woody maple?
i am in the market as well for a P22. I currently have a great HBII with 59 09 pickups in charcoal burst , it is an anniversary model. sounds great etc i just want a yellow quilt top guitar. but as far as the artist package. I have been fortunate to find a great PRS dealer Music 49 which had a large inventory of P22's . the biggest difference i have found is the neck difference. I went to the prs experience and played the maple neck p22's and regular p22's but the one's with indian rosewood neck's just have more vibration in your hands. The guitar just vibrates acoustically without being plugged in which translates to more tone when plugged in. I am not sure if it is the fact that it is not finished like the others's but i would highly recommend that neck. an ebony fingerboard would bring i candy to the picture. THe artist package gives you the ability to get more i candy and a nicer case . But i have a anniversary case which i sent back to PTC center and they did not package it which caused damage to the case. they have not done anything to correct it so if you ever have an issue with the case PRS says you are just screwed. So I would find a top you like with a irw neck but that is just like everyone else in here they are just opinions. I suggest you take the time to drive or fly to a dealer and play many and tell the differences yourself. If i could find a quilt top in yellow with a rosewood neck that had a nice icandy appearance I would own it soon as i could find a new owner for my hb 11 it seems like that guitar has not been created yet.