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Mar 26, 2015
Greetings all,

As a long-time fender guy, I've lusted after a PRS to expand my sound and just a few days ago purchased a Custom 24 30th Ann. 10-Top Blood Orange; and awaiting delivery next week. So freakin excited.

Been playing guitar since I was ten, purely as a hobby; turned 61 a few days ago. Live in the foothills of the Sierras on edge of Tahoe National Park.

Current Amps are Fender Twin Reverb 65' reissue; Bassman 65' reissue and Rowland 120.

Thrilled to be part of the family and thank you for making these forums possible.

Peace -Zafu


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Jan 21, 2015
Suburban Chicago
Greetings All,
I've been lurking around a couple of months, posting here and there. Figured I should do the thing and type this up. My name is Jim, and I live in the Chicago area (originally from Iowa). I've been playing off and on (mostly off) since I was 16. That was 31 long years ago. I've had the pleasure of owning a few PRSi over the years, which I sold along the way to pay bills of one sort, or another, the last one being sold in 2008 at which time I vowed to never let that happen again. These days I aspire to be nothing more than a bedroom player enjoying music and nice guitars. My M.O. would be guilting myself into playing more by buy something new! My current stable includes:
2010 - JPX
2012 - JP70
2013 - PRS Bernie
2011 - PRS Studio
2008 - PRS Cu22
1987 - MIJ Strat

Playing that through an assortment of pedals into a Boogie MkV and an Avatar 1x12 Vintage cabinet.

I'd like to be able to hang onto what I've got for a while. Hopefully the taxman won't come knocking........

Pleasure to be here. Lots of good info, and insight.


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Jul 31, 2014
North Carolina
Hey guys!

I've been hanging around here for a while but never formally introduced myself! My name is Josh! I live in the Charlotte area. I picked up guitar in high school and have been playing for about 6 years now. I enjoy playing everything from blues to rock to some metal. I also play drums (12 years), bass (4 years), and vocals. I've played in a few bands but never really got anywhere. Currently, I play with my church worship team. My goal is really just to be able to get together with some other guys who have a passion for music and start doing local gigs here and there. I don't have any delusions of grandeur of becoming a rock star or anything. Just want people to enjoy my music as much as I do.

I was introduced to PRS after I joined a band where the guitarist had a CE. Ever since playing it, I fell in love and knew I had to have one. Unfortunately, after a break in at my house, my lineup is a bit scarce.

PRS SE Singlecut
PRS SE Angelus Custom

I also use an older Peavey XXX Head and cab with a handful of pedals (I'm a TC Electronic fanboy).

I would love to get my hands on either a CE or an S2. Unfortunately, a Core PRS is definitely out of my price range right now. Goals for the future I suppose!

Glad to be a part of the Forum!


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May 19, 2013
Actually been lurking around the forum for a qouple of years now. Had my first encounter with PRS guitars in the early 90´s when my first guitar teacher bought himself a beautiful, blue Custom in the UK and brought back into Sweden. Can´t remember if it was a Custom 22 or 24 but I´ve been a soccer for them birds ever since. However, after playing mostly Fender-style guitars for about two decades I stumbled upon a used McCarty at the local music store, and I was amazed over the quality and feel. Unfortunately I missed out on the opportunity to buy that guitar but it only took me a few months until I purchased my first PRS, a McCarty Standard. A couple of months later a PRS CE22 20th Anniversary in Blazing Copper showed up in an add. I was lucky enough to make that guitar mine and it has, since then replaced my old, battered Foto-flame Stratocaster as my no.1 guitar.
Since both the McCarty Std and my CE22 are all mahogny body instruments I´ve felt an urge to find a PRS with a maple cap. Only a few weeks ago the search came to an end when a I landed a deal on a gold top 2008 SC245 and it´s a great compliment to my other guitars, being a shortscale guitar and all. Well, that´s my PRS-adventure so far.
On a regular day, I work as a guitar/music teacher. I´m a freelance musician in my sparetime and every once in a while I might get my hands dirty while fiddling with my old school rotary engine race car.

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Mar 22, 2015
Hey Everybody:

My name is Alan. I live in Minnesota. I recently purchased a Custom 24 30th anniversary in faded whale blue from Willies American Guitar in St. Paul

I wanted to find a place that appreciated PRS guitars, and I think this forum is that place.

Talk to you later,



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Mar 27, 2015
Hi I'm Troy. I've played for 13 years & have been making my own guitar pedals for a while now. I'm hoping to start making a lot more to sell publicly soon.



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Mar 25, 2015
Hi everybody,

my name is Jacopo (from Italy) and I recently became the owner of a wonderful Paul's Guitar.
It is my first PRS and I was not planning to buy one, because of the money I wasn't ready to spend.... then I saw this one. Paul's Guitar was already in my mind, but my dreams' PRS had to be a blue top with natural mahogany back.
When I saw it, I couldn't resist.

Here just a few pictures. I will write a dedicated post to share impressions on the guitar.





Apr 26, 2012
My Man... Very nice quilt on that blue fade top
Congrats and welcome. You chose well :beer:


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Jan 1, 2015
Hi, I am Stefan from Belgium.
At the moment I have 3 PRS guitars : (from left to right) 1986 CU 24 in cherry sunburst, 1992 CU 24 in black cherry (bought new in '92) and 1990 CU 24 with moons, again in cherry sunburst.

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Apr 5, 2015
Hi, what's up guys? Newcomer from Italy. My real name is Cristian, but call me Carlos anyway (that isn't italian anyway...).
I just bought my very first PRS. It was a long time I was interested in PRS, and then, two months ago, I had a trip in a huge guitars shop in the north of Italy, where I tried several guitars. Well, I was ASTONISHED by the feeling and the playabilty of a couple of SE, a CU24 and a Tremonti CU. After a while I finally bought one, a Tremonti Custom SE in Black Cherry Thomann 60th Anniversary Limited Edition. Ebony freatboard and EMG 81-85 pups! Well, I don't really love the EMGs, and I'm thiking about replacing them... but at the same price of a regular Tremonti they are a fantastic plus indeed!
See ya!
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Jan 8, 2015
Hi, I am Stefan from Belgium. At the moment I have 3 PRS guitars : (from left to right) 1986 CU 24 in cherry sunburst, 1992 CU 24 in black cherry (bought new in '92) and 1990 CU 24 with moons, again in cherry sunburst.

You have a neat collection. Very nice :)

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Apr 23, 2015
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new guy! hi!

Hey guys new guy here!

Just here to geek out and obsess.
here are some of my lovely guitars.

Royal blue custom 24 (1996) w/floyd
Red custom 24 (1996)
Black CE 24 (1991)
Charcoal burst tremonti (2010)