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Good morning. New to the thread. Just got my new PRS SE Mark Tremonti Custom. Have been playing a little over a year. First several months I use rocksmith & while it was fun I knew nothing. Started getting serious in Oct and joined jamplay a few weeks ago. I think my biggest hurdle is lack of a proper schedule and setting goals. Take care
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finally have a couple of pics - trampas green se. plus one with my modded japanese reissue tele


Hi all! New to the forum. Been lurking a while and actually thought I registered. Guess I didn't. But I have a few PRS guitars that I absolutely love and will eventually go to my kids. Each will have one. Well, those plus some others lol.
Hey all. Been around for a long time, not a big forum poster. I bought my first PRS CU24 in purple new in 1993 at the ripe age of 20 while working at a music store. We had just become a dealer and got in a few examples. I was/am a big thrash metal guy and old USA Jacksons were my particular flavor of the day, but once I picked that guitar up it was all over. I have several other brands as well, but a CU24 has been my main instrument from that day forward. I have a few now, and I have sold a few I REALLY regret. Now, my house rule since about 10 years ago has been once I own it, I keep it.
Hi. Since I was a kid (many years ago) I had PRS in the back of my mind after watching a guy play one at one of the many family parties. I've always played shredder style guitars (Jackson, Ibanez, BC Rich, etc..) and recently started thinking about a single cut. Ran across and traded for a 2011 Tremonti SE in vintage cherry. Looking forward to making it all it can be and enjoying it!
Hey All,

Back playing again after almost 30 years away. Recently, my wife finally convinced me to get hearing aids and wow, what a difference. My first thought was I need to get a guitar now that I can hear again. I had to have a PRS model to start. I saw an SE Custom Semi Hollow and fell in love with it. It looks like a great guitar to basically learn to play all over again. It's on its way to me and I should have it Friday. Looking forward to reading all the threads and learning a lot.
Hi all!

My name is Paul and I'm new to these forums! I've been playing PRSs exclusively for the last two years. I've been hooked on the look, feel & sound ever since buying my first SE two and a half years ago.

I've sold a lot of my guitars recently but here are a few I'd likely never sell:

Here's my go-to CE22, absolutely love the Dragon II pickups!

Here's my CU24 all-mahogany I'm currently trying to find more info on. It has the HFS/VB combo:

My purple SE24 -- I had to order from the UK to get this color w/the birds! It's got a set of covered DiMarzio Titans and USA Phase II locking tuners in ebony.

Lastly, my Paul Allender sig that I took the clear down on for a matte look. Not everyone likes it, but I love it! Also has a set of covered DiMarzios -- PAF Pro in the bridge & Evo in the neck.

Anyhow, hi!

Long time player starting when I was in the 4th grade. My dad had an old Fender Stratocaster that I swore one day I would play. My first electric guitar was a Gibson single pickup SG that I briefly had until I won a guitar competition so my parents traded it for a new Gibson ES335 which I still own since 1975. in my high school days I needed to step up to playing a bass and acquired a Fender Jazz Bass (just figured out its a 1974) from a drummer that had it under his bed and never played it. Bass became my primary focus and played in many bands and became my specialty. Still always had a love for guitars and did pick up Gibson Les Paul studio in 1992.
In the Late '80's My father and I did dabble a bit with finding some collectible grade guitars and added to his which we learned that his Stratocaster is a 1957 Mary Kay white that he bought new when he was a teenager.
We had always been Fender / Gibson owners other then one Gretsch '65 Country Gentleman. Last December Dad was toying around with getting a hollow body along the lines of my ES335.
Went to the new GC the just opened up around here and goofed with a new Telecaster hollowbody and a Epi Sheraton. Then just for kicks I grabbed a PRS Custom 24 SE off the wall and I was just amazed of the sound, playability and quality. Well he took that home instead of a hollowbody and I picked up a Fender Tbucket Acoustic that seemed pretty cool for a beater.
He was so impressed with the SE and found a perfect condition 2001 PRS CE24. Then he saw a Hollowbody II and became obsessed with getting one.
About 3 weeks ago he found a nearly unplayed new condition 2012 Hollowbody II 10 top in black gold. What and amazing guitar! I finally broke down and ordered a Sapphire Custom 24 SE. All in less than 2 months. I can't put this thing down.

BTW custom Truss rod cover
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Hi everyone!
Max from Italy here.
I'm 43 y.o. and I play guitar since more than 30 years.
I owned many instruments and a couple of very serious guitars.

Since 2 days, I'm the proud owner of a 1987 CU24 in Vintage Yellow and I'm walking on clouds while playing this beauty.
Paul actually made an incredible job with these guitars, between 1985 and 1989.

This is more than a serious instrument, where every detail or feature has its role and cannot be modified without changing the whole spirit of the guitar.
The T&B pickups are the best humbuckers I ever heard, no doubt about this.


Happy to join the community and I hope we'll have the chance to share for longtime!

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Hi. Long time hobbyist here with no real ambition to be more. I've loved guitars since I was a teen (now 45) and have always dabbled with them. I'd picked up a CU24 several years ago when I was on a trip and stopped in at a GC. A lovely, natural colored beauty that just struck my fancy. I noodled on it for a bit and just fell in love with the effortless playability and ring it had, almost acoustic. Unfortunately it was well out of my budget at the time. Since then, I've gone through numerous guitars. All different kinds including an SE CU24. Tried them, tried others, went back to the standby's but always kept remembering that natural 24. I've only just recently accepted the epiphany that PRS just fits me. I play better on them (don't get me wrong, I suck. I just suck less on a PRS), I'm more inspired and I'm happier sitting down and working with them. So I've added an S2 Custom 24 to my herd and just picked up an '02 CE24 that's just brilliant. I'm so infatuated that I'm considering moving out everything else I have with the exception of my Peavey Wolfgang to make room for more of Paul's creations. I'd really love to add a Mira and maybe a DC3 just for kicks. I currently run them through a Marshall JVM 210 but I'd love to eventually pick up a Mesa. Thanks for letting me in the clubhouse to play!
Newly registered but have been reading on the site for 2 years now :)
My Bernie Marsden ltd...2yo btw
Hi, I live in the UK and have a small collection of guitars, the most important of which are my two PRS's... a 2005 Private-Stock McCarty-22 and a 1991 Custom-24 'Goldtop' (I've since gone to push-pull McCarty-switching on the 'Goldtop'):


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