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Damn, Grump! I've always wanted a Custom Soapy , and you have Two!! Congrats, and they are beautiful, especially w maple fb!!
Good day to everyone! I’m Rue and I’m a frequent visitor of this forum. I finally decided to sign up and join the fun. Looking forward to learn from all of you here :)

Long time aspirant, first time buyer. Got my SECU24 during Guitar Center's July4 sale for a steal! Mine has PRS on the trussrod cover - I'm seeing some that don't, not sure why...?

I've been a bass player for years (gigged in the early 2000s, now a hobbyist with kids) with a customized Tele for my guitar noodling, but I finally treated myself to a PRS.

It's a Vintage Sunburst - I can't believe how nice a top (and well, everything) it is for <$700. My avatar is actually a shot of the top.

Threw on my standard Schaller Strap Locks immediately, b/c I don't want this baby to hit the floor.

Restrung to 10s, and the tuning stability is :bawling:; I have a USA nut arriving tmw. Once that's in and stable, I've got a Super-Vee Mag-Lok set to go into the trem cavity.

I'm already GAS'ing for more SE's and have been haunting eBay...

Hey buddy! Welcome aboard!

Be careful with those SE's they can multiply faster than wet mogwai's.
Hey y'all!
New to the forum and new to a soon-to-be-in-my-hands '90 CE24. Some of you helped along the way and that's much appreciated. I'm a straight novice-but-aspiring-to-be-accomplished guitar player. I started two years ago with a second hand Epiphone Les Paul and soon wished I had picked it up much, much earlier. I was hooked. I bought a Les Paul Standard shortly thereafter and have been playing mostly steadily since then. I say "mostly" because I'm a papa with twins that take up a lot of time and love as well as also having a serious addiction to cycling (many, many bikes...I know you guitar nuts can relate!) Regardless, I hope to learn from you all as I keep on keepin' on.
My Name is Mike Zabel. I do not have a PRS yet. Living in Maryland I have heard a lot about the Company and Paul. I even worked on West Street in Annapolis for a while. While I have a Martin HD-28V Dierks Bentley, Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Gretsch 6420 Electromatic Hollowbody, Martin LXM. The reason I was drawn to PRS is the fact that I was looking at Gibson Les Pauls. I was reading up on Gibson and the Quality Control problems. The more I read, the more I disliked Gibson, their company and leadership. I'm sure the people at Gibson are nice people, but the leadership appears totally without a love or dedication to making quality guitars for players. Everyone I have talked to about the Les Pauls is that you have to play a few to get the one that is ok before walking out of the store. While doing this research I kept coming across positive comments about PRS, the company, guitars and founder and found a company that I could easily support. I have just started trying the Single cuts out and found them to be amazing. Not just for their design and engineering/looks but their sound. In short the total package. I'm just trying to decide between the S2 models and the core Single cut model. Good to be on board the forum and to learning more about PRS.

my SE Custom 24 was delivered yesterday. the nice people at wildwire music ordered in one of the last Trampas Green models for me and it is really very impressive
Hello all!

I have been reading along for sometime but never got involved in conversations. I just added my 2nd PRS, a SE Singlecut, and thought now was as good a time as any. At this point I only play at home as a hobbyist. My background is in blues and classic rock covers but now it is only for my personal enjoyment.

Anyway, as I was doing some string changes/cleanings today I snapped a pick of the PRSi in my life.



I first played a few prototype PRS guitars way back that a friend of a friend had. I was blown away by how good the guitars were. Decades later I was recently looking for a Les Paul. Most Someone turned me onto a 2005 PRS Mccarty Indian Rosewood neck model and between my friend and I, we both think that this guitar rates up there with the old prototype PRS guitars we both got to try out. I play an SE One, too. As good as that is, the Mccarty is a huge jump in tone, feel, action, craftsmanship.

Hello everyone,

Today after a lot of waiting & searching and the desire to settle for nothing less than perfect, I purchased my first PRS SC 58. I am beyond stoked. I am retired military - Army - and settled down in Lancaster, Pa. I've been playing guitar most of my life but wished I could have spent more time getting better. Life gets in the way and being an adult is so over rated..haha. Now that life has slowed down just a little, I can make time to jam on one of the best guitars ever made.