Introduce yourself!

So glad to see that so many folks from BaM are here
Been playing PRS since mid 90s and in the last few years I have become an addict to indian rosewood necks to the point that I find it hard to play anything else (which is great for GAS, except when PRS releases a new model with IRW neck options -- damn gassing for a new 245.....).
Hello All. I registered here when it first started but haven't gotten around to posting until now. I was sadly PRS-less for a while due, but just picked up a Starla LTD today that I'm loving. Haven't hardly put it down since taking it out of the box nearly 5 hours ago.

I'm a Maryland native. Grew up in Howard Co, now I reside in Carroll Co. I've owned a number of PRS over the years...CE's, Singlecut Trem, Mira. Good to be here, looking forward to all the good guitar talk.
Hi to all!

I am brand new to this forum. I started playing guitar again last spring after stopping when I started College (huge mistake). So 30 years on, I started playing again when my now 11 year old son began playing. I have a Gretsch electromatic Jet Pro, an Ibanez Talman acoustic and just ordered a PRS SE Santana which I should be getting very soon.

My amp is a Fender Mustang 2. My set up not pro like in any way, but I have a great time and guitar playing helped recover from a concussion I suffered last summer.

I fell on the PRS site while looking for a new guitar. I wanted something different from the usual Fender, Gibson variety. I was really impressed by the PRS guitars and was delighted to find the SE series which fits my playing level and budget (Cannot justify a $3k guitar with a family). I tried them at a local guitar shop in Montreal, Canada where I lived and loved the PRS guitars! I hesitated between the SE Santana and the SE Custom 24. The real question being which one I will buy first... I opted for the Santana first and will plan for the SE Custom 24 for 2014. The SE Santana should help me grow my skill level.

I'm 53 and an IT consultant. Also an avid golfer so if you want to talk PRS guitars AND golf, well it will be a pleasure!!



On reason I chose the Santana is that I found the scale very comfortable and its the same lenght as my Gretsch. Do you have both the Santana and Custom 24?


New PRS SE Fredrik Akesson model owner here. Someone told me there were some photos of this model with some brushed nickel covers fitted so I thought I would come have a look and join up at the same time. If anyone knows where i might find those pics it would be much appreciated!
I've done a serch for all the obvious keywords but cant seem to find anything. Some great looking guitars on here :D

Have been a Fender man for too many years but just find all of their current offerings too sterile and just no fun to play. Was given an opportunity to trade my American Deluxe Strat for the oh so blue CE22 you see. Why didn't I just get one of these before? Really pleased I did and proud to be a PRS owner.
So I've been playing guitar for about 10 years now and have always lusted after a PRS guitar. Well this past week I finally took the plunge, and without even getting a chance to play it, I bought this gorgeous guitar off eBay. It's a 2006 (built in 2007) Custom 22 20th anniversary 10 top. I threw a new set of strings on it, and it plays like a dream! Have hardly been able to put it down.

I'm old... but new.

I've owned many many PRSi over the years. I don't own a PRS.
I see a lot of the same names here from back in the day, and plenty that are new to me.
I am also completely unfamiliar with many of PRS' latest offerings, but the PTC has my interest piqued and so here I am.

Same as it ever was.