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Jun 13, 2012
Canada & US
It's only polite to introduce ones self

And so I will.
I'll leave the name and job stuff for the sig.
I bought my first PRS used in 1988 or so, a Std24. I had heard of these, and got lucky enough to find one. Wish I still had it, but I sold it to buy a Super 400...
I play Klein guitars a lot. I have three. I know Lorenzo German pretty well. (Please, if you're one of his former customers, don't ask me to help you get your guitar that you ordered way back there, I have one on order too.). I try to keep my GAS disease under control, but guitars are tax write offs for me, so it's pretty easy to justify them.
After years of looking at them again, I bought a Hollowbody Spruce from Brian Meader when he was still at Washington Music Center near DC, three years ago. Then I bought a Studio from him last year. I love that too. It sounds different, and I like that. I want a P22.
I play jazz. Not much rock and roll. But I do like to get a variety of sounds from a guitar, and these do it.
I really admire PRSh's drive to make a really good instrument. I've never met him, but I'd like to. He seems to be just a bit obsessed about making things as good as he can, and I really like that.
My job is in the Maritime provinces of Canada, and there's not much available. I'd like to try one of the new amps, but there aren't any near me there.
Guitars are more fun than just about anything else.
I'm in.
Brand new here, just discovered this place from the PRS facebook page... I have a 2001 Royal Blue Custom22 non 10 top with tone pros adjustable bridge, 3 way switch and modern eagle pickups. It had a 5 way switch and dragon 2's in it and I put Dragon 1's in it for a while and then switched to the 3 way and ME pickups. I also just recently bought a 2006 20th SC in Blue Matteo. Artist Upgrade with gold hardware and brazillian fret board. This guitar is a tone monster and the most comfortable guitar I've ever held!
My amp is a 1987 Marshall Silver Jubilee 2253 (small box 25/50W head) and 2-2x12 cabinets. I also use a Boss GT6 effects pedal...
Glad to have pund this place, will be checking it all out and will try to figure out how to post pics.
In the early 90s I was in high school, looking to make a step up from a crappy Series 10 plywood body super strat. One of the guys at AL&M in Virginia Beach showed me the 3 or 4 PRSi they had on the wall. I had never seen one before and the idea of spending that much on a guitar seemed outrageous - I was 16 and had probably made enough money in my entire life to buy one. So, I didn't even pull it off the wall for fear of nicking or dinging it and being on the hook for that kind of cash.

Then in the mid 90s I was in a band with a guy who had a '93 EG with a blue burst flame top, two Fralin domino pickups and a HFS. Killer guitar. I don't think he ever bought another guitar, last time I talked to him it was still his one and only.

After years of dinking and doinking around with parts guitars, building mongrel creations that Fender obviously ripped off from me :laugh: and now calls their Pawn Shop line, in 2006 I bought a USA PRS. I went looking for a humbucker guitar thinking SG, but the SGs I played all sounded bad to my ears. A few LPs were up there including an R8, but the black PRS (my avatar) won out and being the best guitar I could get for the money I had.

That was the beginning of the end. Lots of guitars have come and more have gone in the six years since but the black one remains.

I now have four guitars, 1 USA PRS, 2 SEs and the last is the best of the parts guitars I built. Its neck is a 25" scale conversion neck from USACG with a 10" fretboard radius, 6105 frets, .86" 1st fret depth and 1-11/16" nut width... sound familiar?
"Back in the day" I had long hair and many devoted followers. Typical power metal type, made a decent living at it for a while, shared the stage with some of my 'heroes' at the time (Pantera, Savatage, Manowar, Overkill, Iced Earth and the like). I loved my Jacksons -- Criss Oliva (Savatage - RIP, buddy) loved Laney amps. I weaseled some Sava-stuff to Laney (already had a Laney deal), Criss weaseled some stuff to Jackson to get me a little "professional help" in that regard.

All that time, I secretly (maybe not so secretly) lusted after the studio-owner's (I was chief engineer at a Chicago area recording complex also at the time) exotic collection which featured several PRS Dragons, solid aluminum Jackson "Roswell" Rhoads, etc., etc., etc.

Long story short - The old days are gone, as is my hair and my six-pack. I'm still "in the industry" but now almost strictly as a mastering engineer (although it's not rare to slip in to some FOH work and theatrical sound design) which is fine -- I loved recording, I sort of loved performing, I absolutely HATED touring. Got rid of most of my guitars (actually the Jacksons were the first on the block), hung the rest on the walls in the rec-room where I ended up trading in this for that for a few years until the "bug bit" again.

Longer story shorter - Occasionally, I still get asked to "guest" with (whoever). It's usually something like "I'll see if I can get John to sit in one your acoustic version of (?) with your chamber orchestra (though I was never much of a classical guitarist). Recently I was asked by a local 'youth' orchestra (better than several 'non-youth' orchestras I've heard if you know what I mean) director to sit in on a few tunes for a couple concerts in 2013 -- This time, actual "rock" stuff.

So now I needed to actually get playing again. Brought in my "go-to" (a Dean Cadillac) to be set up by one of the best guitar techs I know and while I was there, I started lusting after PRS's again. It took a couple models to figure it out, but I wound up with my Santana SE model that's hanging off to my right. It took some tweaking, but I really, really like this thing. It still hums like a broken air conditioner (I think I'm going to change the pups at some point soon), but it plays like buttah. The Cadillac is now hanging in the rec-room at home. Found the forum just in typical forum-finding action. I'm a bit of a forum junkie - I moderate a couple mastering forums, hang at several others, member of a list of more "specialty" and brand-specific forums (this being one).

It's always nice to see what people are liking, disliking, fixing, doing, etc.
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Hey folks, new member here!

My name is Dale and I live in the North East of Scotland. Been playing guitar for over 20 years and I run my own business providing private guitar tuition.

Been playing PRS for years, though still only SE's as my budget wont let me stretch to an American one....yet! LOL

First PRS was one of the old Santana SE's with the greyish almost sparkly finish and the big dash like fret markers and black scratch plate. I sold it when I was a poor student and regretted it ever since....

Now I own one of the Scarlett Red 25th Anniversary Custom 24 SE's and I vow NEVER to sell it. It's just beautiful

Next on the cards is one of the new Custom 24-7 Strings when they become available in February!

Music wise, very much a metal fan with my key favourites being Chimaira and Devin Townsend, though I love the diversity of Devin's music and don't just listen to the metal stuff he does.

Thats it for now I guess, see you all around!
hi. Im steve howard. I own a mccarty, cu22 and a 2011 cu24 all very fine guitars. I guess I should mention my LP classic, G&L nighthawk and my schecter C-1 plus too. I play through a 1st gen 5150 head 5150 cabs with G-major doing the processing. I love music and have been in weekend warrior bands for 30+ years.
Hi all,

My name is John, and I've only caught wind of this forum recently. I play guitar and write music poorly. Some of my musical buffoonery can be found here @

I've played PRS guitars since the end of '04 (have and '11 Custom 24, '04, and '93 CE24), and they've been my bread and butter so to speak for live and recorded stuff, even though I have a few other guitars I use poorly. I primarily play/butcher metal and rock music, but I also play classical guitar and jazz, as well. (heck, I somehow made it jazz ensemble during junior year as undergrad. haha)

That's all for now, I suppose. Hope to see you guys around.
I've been here a little while but still new - so here's a quick hello.

I got into PRS back in 2007 ish when I picked up an SE Custom 22 on vacation. I was impressed with it and finally got my USA PRS in 2010. I got a Custom 24 limited edition with 57/08s. The SE is now heavily modified but the USA is bone stock other than just changing the rotary to a 3 way for faster pup changes live.

I've played in several bands, most famously as an Eagles tribute band doing Joe Walsh's parts for about 4 years. Now I'm in a party band that plays events, parties, BBQs, you name it. Not the touring thing the tribute band was.
Hi everyone
Its been a while since ive been near a prs forum since BAM died.
I favour the older odd models that are no longer in production.
My main guitar is a black 86 PRS standard with birds, a red 92 EGII, a black maple capped 89 CE24 and a 20th anniversary standard.
I've recently been reunited with my first ever prs, which is another 89 (i think... more on that later) maple fingerboard CE24 with a chainsaw P'up. I originally didnt bond with this guitar because of the chainsaw pick up and traded it in for my main guitar
The reason a say i think its an 89 is its very hard to read the serial, i'll start a new thread on this in a bit, hopefully the PRS guru's can shed some light on this one.
Greetings. New to this forum and a first time PRS owner as of this week, having gotten a new SE 245. Love it. I have been primarily a Fender player since starting out 25 years ago, but ?i now have full blown PRS fever. Looking at the Mira and Starla as my next acquisition.
Hello..... Newbie alert...lots of stupid questions coming lol...Ill try to search for answers first.
Anyway Im a old school Gibson guy that just picked up a custom 22, moons, tremo, have no idea what the colur is called( great looking burst) the guy I bought it from said it was a 24??? lol craigslist buy at 1030 at night ...didnt evan realize it till I got it home..still didnt care the thing is so nice!

Ive always thought PRS were great guitars but know nothing about them, Im a big gear geek so I like to know the ins and outs of my gear. so Im sure Ill be reading and learning from everyone so I'll go ahead and say thanks to everyone thats took the time to share their knowledge on here

Anyway off to learn alittle about PRS and to find out what the name of my burst is:vroam:
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I joined the old original PRS Forum, back in '99. Shortly afterwards, I was asked to become a moderator, and did so thru it's end. I also moderate The Gear Page (but I've been slacking lately) and BaM, trying desperately, along with Big Mike to hold it together thru it's last years of neglect.

Sadly, It it appears didn't fit in too well on VR, so I'm no longer there...

I've been thru probably 30, or so PRS guitars, and I've been luck enough to attend all of the PRS Experiences and the PRS Forum events from back in 2000-2003. I've also been luck enough to meet so many of you guys (and gals) in person...

I just joined the forum ....My son Connor has been playing for 4 years now and some how we managed to acquire 2 prs guitar and an amp......That's why I'm here I love the quality of the prs line and the look....Great to be here and hello to all...........Ray
Hey folks, new member here. I've been lurking for several months and decided to finally join up. Anyway, I starting playing guitar last March after a nearly lifelong obsession with them. A friend of mine invited me over to his house one day and he ended up taking out his Les Paul and jamming. I told him that I had always wanted to play and he offered to get me started. So after aquiring a Les Paul Studio and an amp, I was on my way. I'm a little embarrassed to say that most of my early lessons came from the Rocksmith game, but it has been alot of fun and really inspired me to keep going. If I knew now what I didn't know then, I would have realized that my Les Paul had some build issues that I never noticed while picking single notes. So after I found out that I was hopelessly addicted to guitar, I started searching for a better axe. I originally lusted after a historic Les Paul, but the price and the fear of getting another dud had me looking for something better and a little cheaper. Long story short, I'm waiting for my first PRS purchase to show up, a '12 SC 58 in eriza verde with a quilt top. Absolutely gorgeous guitar. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you guys and share my love for these beautiful guitars.
My name is Dino and I just joined the forum.
I am the proud owner of a 1986 Custom 24.
My dad bought the guitar new from Washington Music Center.
The guitar is unique in that it has a one piece top and a tone control in place of the "sweet switch".
The story goes, it was a "special order" for a customer who had cancelled the order.
I'm not sure if that's true or not. It may possibly be an "employee guitar". I don't know.

My dad had cancer and passed away 5 years ago, but he gave this guitar to me a couple years before he passed because he said he wanted to be around to see me enjoy it. I've since bought several PRS guitars, but this one not only has that early PRS "mojo", plays and sounds incredible ... but it's very special to me just because it was my dads. My dad and I also took a tour of the PRS factory when they were still in Annapolis. What an AWESOME experience!

Anyway ... I was a member of "Birds and Moons" many years ago, but I guess that site is long gone now.
I look forward to meeting new people here and maybe learning more about PRS!