Interesting purchase?


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Dec 11, 2022
I just received the PRS SE "Zack Myers" (Myers Blue) I purchased from a well known online PRS Dealer/Distributor out of NY. The Guitar was discounted since it was a customer return. Here are the "interesting parts" The guitar looks as it should be except for a couple of very significant issues. ___#1.) The body does not have the "F Hole" that is a feature of this model. I believe that this one is a Semi-Hollow from what I can tell, just no "F Hole" on the hollow side. ___#2.) The serial number. From what I have read, this model was made in Indonesia in 2021. The serial number CTI E41271 has a few issues that do not fit. ___a.) "E" indicates 2004. ____b.) "41271" Indicates the neck as 1999.

The online Serial number decoder results are as follows:
Serial number: E41271
Production year: 2004
Model: SE series
Production number: 1
Factory: Made by World Musical Instruments, Korea

The numbering scheme changed when production moved to Indonesia. The numeric number has no identi purpose on the SE like it does on the Core (except for the sequence). Its either a 2018 or a 2022. Scroll down to the Indonesia section.

It shows CTIA (2018), CTIB (2019, CTIC (2020) & CTID (2021). So you are thinking PRS has not yet added "CTIE (2022)" to the list?

This could be the case? What do think is up with the Lack of an "F-Hole" in this signature model that is supposed to have one?