Incoming from The Guitar Shop :)


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Apr 27, 2012
New Hampshire
Scored a limited run from Brent at The Guitar Shop - a Whale Blue '85 Tribute!! I wanted one of these as soon as I heard about them. The specs sound amazing and the guitar looks awesome - I LOVE blue PRS:)

My first Custom 24 was a killer from 2000 - also Whale Blue and set up awesome by John Ingram. I sold that guitar in 2008 and have regretted it ever since, so I am really excited to play this one - it should be here tomorrow!

Link to some pics:
Bloody beautiful, Bro'

TGS is my new crack (er, not that I ever had an old crack (grin)) ... I see lots of guitars, and financial trouble, in my future.


Big thanks to Brent at The Guitar Shop for coming up this awesome limited run and making this deal happen!!!

This '85 Tribute looks even more amazing in hand and plays incredible. There is a nice flame in the mahogany neck and the fretboard has some great reds and orange figuring, in addition to the beautiful wide flame in the top - good wood all around! The regular/standard neck carve feels great - definitely closer to a W/T feel than a W/F. The smaller frets may also contribute to the neck feeling 'thinner' and more comfortable to play. I'm also loving the small neck heel and sweet switch - it's subtle, but it rolls off some of the high end in a really good way.

I may swap out the uncovered 59/09's for a VB/HFS set that I already have to get back to that sound that I knew so well with my first Custom 24, and since I play in an 80's cover band, I think the more compressed sound of those pickups will be a good fit for the music.

Did I say I love playing this guitar:) The action is nice and low, and it plays fast. It's like coming 'home' after being without a CU24 for the last few years. This is the PRS model that got me into these guitars back in the late 80' many years later I think I've found my second keeper:) I'll post some more pics this weekend if the sun ever returns to NH:)
Look Brent: ANOTHER happy customer!

Congrats "LerxstFan" - it's cool to read about true love, even it's about a chunk of wood :)


That's a great score! I know that you are going to enjoy that one. Beautiful guitar!
I posted some of these new pics at VR - hope folks don't mind seeing them here again:)