In celebration of the John McLaughlin Limited PS...

For Orange Tiger reference, here is my late 2012 P22 with IRW neck for comparison.
This was a NAMM guitar...

Inside light...

Outside light...

Yours looks more brown... ish...
I dunno, and of course every piece of wood is different and can/will absorb a stain/colour in its own wonderful way.
Any way you slice it, that beauty quilt is stunning!
I was going to guess tiger eye too. Orange tiger seems right tough!
I have been looking at some Tiger eyes and think that is probably it
I have been looking at some Tiger eyes and think that is probably it
Probably right. That was my initial thought too but your’s looks a little more vibrant. Could just be the lighting though. In any case, it’s a beautiful finish! are some nice pictures of my two Paul's guitars. Had to get them out of the case because of the renewed GAS.

I'm glad to have two originals, a 2013 First Run Artist Pack Stoptail, with perhaps the best top I have ever seen on a core, non PS guitar
and a 2014 Limited Edition Brushstroke 24, which has my favourite kind of flame and a colour that just pops in real life.

And oh btw, can someone tell me what colour the artist pack is. The Brushstroke is Jade

2013 Paul's Guitar Artist Pack Quilt Top



2014 Brushstroke 24


Just ordered my John McLaughlin PRS!!!!Will be there in 3 weeks.