I'm looking for opinions about a possible trade


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Jun 20, 2012
So I'm thinking about trading my NOS ME 1 for a McCarty 594 with a rosewood neck. I haven't played a 594 but with all the rave about them I kind of feel compelled to jump in. Let me know what you all think. Thanks.
I don't know...there is a big enough gap in price that I'm not sure that I would do it unless the 594 is just absolutely killer / everything you would ever want out of the model and it's a NEW 594 from a dealer.
Me1 are hard to find and never seem to drop in price. 594 are becoming much more common on sales sites used now. I would hold onto the me1 if it was me. Also you won't get a brz neck on anything else much likely in the future. My 2c.
As nice as people seem to think 594s are I would not do that deal
I almost traded away my ME2 knew it was a mistake within days and was able to buy it back.
From what I have seen the 594s are pretty reasonable price wise I would just save up and get one and or watch the forums and such for a clean used one.
The only opinion that matters is yours.

I wouldn't do it, but that's because I think the NOS ME is an awesome guitar. But if it isn't doing that thing for ya, go for the 594!
594's are not going to be scare or in short supply. If you are patient, and just save up for one, you will be much happier with the end result.
I know as I've been in that position with other guitars myself, as I'm sure everyone else here as well has been.
It's NOS because you don't play it?

Yeah, I still wouldn't do that trade, but if you're not playing it, you ought to shop around and find something that "speaks" to you. But once you trade it for the 594, the 594 will be a little harder to trade with.

The ME1 is a classic, the 594 is the instant classic but we never know when and if a full Brazilian neck will be available again.
And the ME1 is a wonderful guitar by any means!