I'm done with photobucket

I admit, I don't care for the new PB interface. Will be interested to see what others suggest.
shawn, try imageshack. the interfaces are pretty simple and hassle-free. you don't even need to create an account to host images :cheers:
I just use a Dropbox account for all my file hosting needs. And you get more free space for referrals so of anyone's interested.....you know.....lemme know...
never had a problem with Flickr in all the years I've been on it. However, it does have a monthly limit on uploads unless you pay for a premium account. I can't remember what the upload limit is.. I think it may be 200mb. I'll check on that...
I loathe PB, I do not use them as my website server is my host.
Recently PB did an update, and now all Kindle Fires cannot display their images.
I'm going to abandon photobucket soon in favor of my own website. I have one just sitting there and it's time I do the work to populate it and make it useful.
I'd grab a Google Mail account and use their photo hosting, Picasa. That's what I use.

I wouldn't recommend imageshack or tinypic because they are temporary - they'll be deleted after a certain point. I would use Picasa or Flickr. The nice thing is you can use the mobile apps and instantly upload them to your accounts (not sure if you were doing this with photobucket)
Ahhh.. Shawn if you click on the photo and then right click and choose 'properties' and then highlight - copy and paste the address ending in .jpg it will show. Doesn't seem to matter if it's http or https.
Dropbox has always been best for me. Permanent, under my control, (so far) 100% up time.