If You Thought I Had A Screw Loose...


Zombie Four, DFZ
Apr 28, 2012
Congratulations. You were correct.

I noticed today that the jack on my Silver Sky seemed loose, like the cable was rattling a bit. Checked the nut on the jack - it seemed tight. Popped the cable in, and it was moving a bit. I was looking at the jack trying to see what exactly was moving - turns out it was the jack plate. The screw closest to the strap pin had come loose. I've never had that happen before - strap pins, saddle screws, tuner screws, sure. Never on a jack plate.

Crap, almost forgot to say this - clearly this wouldn't have happened if the guitar had stainless steel frets, bigger frets, or a 10" radius. Thankyouverymuchgoodnight.