If you could change one thing about a PRS you own, what would it be?

I’d love to have BRZ necks on all of them, as much for the feel as anything else.

While we’re just wishing, I wonder what the 513 would sound like with five 635JM pickups in it. I love the neutral tone of the originals, and how they fit anything, but like @dmatthews said, I wonder what it would sound like with pickups at the other end of the tone-influence spectrum.

Finally, the NF3. I have something that they totally need to fix about this one. A tremendous screwup. What it really needs is to be put back into the current PRS catalog!

I don’t really care for or use position 2/4 on 5-way Custom models.
Different strums for different bums.

I like those positions b/c they make it less hot when I want that. Even the full neck (pos 5) is moderately hot with the 85/15, I think. I wouldn't really call them single-coil-ish tho.
The brittle finish on all of my S2’s. Yes the finish is thin, and this is supposed to help with the sound of it, but I would hardly call it durable. Look at it wrong, and you have a chip. Might refinish a couple down the road, but they are not going anywhere. But come on PRS, invest in a better finish.
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It'd be the 5-way blade on my WL CU24. Completely unreachable when the whammy bar is in.

I like the sounds I can get from the switching, but the location is just borked.

My next PRS will likely be either a Tremonti or a flavor of 24-08, partially for this reason.

This is why I end up playing a CU24 with the old 5 way switch more than the newer ones with the blade. I could remove the bar but that sort of defeats the purpose of a trem equipped guitar.
Slightly wider neck.
Yeah, I'm just a cellar dweller, but I've traded my DGT's b/c I'd keep pulling the high E string off the neck...
Also: I have total Steak fry fingers, too, so that doesn't help.

But onto the original question...my answer: BIGGER/FATTER necks on all of 'em...
(My older SAS have the best necks ever, close to the NF3/DC3 necks)
The only thing I have changed on the ones in my collection are the pickups and I replaced them with other PRS pickups. I haven't felt the need to change anything else about them.
My 30th anniversay CU24 is an amazing guitar but the 85/15 pickups were just a little off for the harder rock I write/play. I put in a set of the Holcomb alpha & omega and now I'm 100% satisfied. My core Tremonti I just changed the pickup rings to black.
This might be a hot take, but I absolutely hate the white plastic signature on the Wood library guitars. Nothing worse when my eyes are pouring over all the details, fine woods, and materials on a $6,000 guitar and I see that white plastic on the headstock instead of abalone or the metal signature. If I was going to get another wood library I would only get a maple neck since the black plastic signature looks a little better, but it is a shame wood libraries are pushing $6k and are basically artist pack territory and they miss that one detail.

Same thing on CE's - when the SE has better looking faux birds it is hard to swallow. I do really dig the black outline birds on maple board Silver Sky's - wish they would switch to white or black outline birds on CE's.