If you could change one thing about a PRS you own, what would it be?

What are you using for your treble bleed if you don't mind me asking?

On the DGT, whatever it comes with. 500K pots of course.

On my tele, I think it's the standard Seymour Duncan .002uf + 100K (250K pots)

On my Cabronita it's .001uf capacitors + 150K (500K pots)

I think the one on the Cabronita works the best.
Yeah, the 'old' position was perfect, however fotrthe starla they could have opted for the big 'F' place and it would have been very useful
I’d replace the Pattern Regular neck on this one for a Pattern Vintage. As I’ve gotten older I am having a harder time on thinner necks. It’s a Pernie neck so that’s never going to happen!

I’d remove the “smokeburst” from my otherwise gorgeous 25th Anniversary C22 Semi Hollow. Gorgeous sapphire 10 top, fading into... BLACK PAINT on the edges, sides and back. Whoever sprayed paint on that wood should be….

Oops, never mind, I shouldn’t say words like that. So, “re-evaluated.” ;) :p:p:p
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I’d say make the S2/CE lines have the birds that the SE does. Never made sense to me why SE gets better birds than higher graded USA made . Isn’t it all plastic?

I’d also love more pattern/pattern regular/wide fats. Too many pattern thins with no other options (ie modern CE).

And this is nitpicking…but would it kill to put a cream switch tip on s2 594 that matches the pickup rings and tuners? Why stick to black?