"Idiot PRS Police"

Classic! Too funny! I think I'll try a similar write up the next time I put something up for sale.
You know, I was on the fence but his bizarro grammar and punctuation definitely would convince me to send him a cashier's check for 2 large.
It's funny he says to call PRS, because if he had they would have set him straight.
You guys ever meet Ed Roman? Before he moved to Las Vegas, he owned a store in Danbury, CT called east coast music mall. He would to go to guitar shows and hire strippers to walk around the booths with his guitars or modified versions of PRS guitars. The "1500" heel modification was is claim to fame where he would take the heel and sand it down to the shape of a pre factory guitar, he would cute tops off to put better flame on guitars, on and on....amazing ego maniac.