Identification of an electric PRS hollow body guitar


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May 28, 2020
Hello everybody.
I was the Lucky son of a PRS guitar owner who left us a few years ago.
Since he got me hooked on the six strings, part with those instruments isn't an easy task. But he left me a lot of them and I Don't like them to sit in his office unused. One of my father's friend told me he was interested in buying this instrument, but since the store he bought it from is closed now, I'm having problems identifying wich model was that guitar and how much should I sell it or even at what price did my father bought it. I've been told in another store that PRS website had a Tools to identify the instrument with his serial number. So far, I think it is a model from 2006. But that's all i was abble to figure out alone.
Your help on the matter would be greatly appriciated.
I hope i haven't done too many English mistakes on this post, and hope I am asking in the right section.
Thank you.
If you’re able to upload photos of the guitar, that would help us help you.

If it is an American made instrument, there will be a serial number on the case and in the pickup rout, which we refer to as a MODCAT, that you can load in to a decoder to tell you details of the guitar.

You can also email PRS customer service direct for details. There may be some delay in reply at the moment as the factory is only just re-opening.

Hope this helps?
Sure! It helps a lot!
I will look for that MODCAT!
Is the decoder on the website?
Thanks for the answer
So I didn't find any modcat like code on the case or the guitar. At least not one I can see right away, since I didn't go to the trouble of looking under the neck pick up. Maybe it's down there.
Like you said @garrett I think the easyest thing to do now, would be to directly ask customer service.
Thank you all for your answer.
I couldn't find the way to upload images on the forum, but the obvious thing that I didn't write on the first post is that it is a Mac Carty model.
So as far as I know the guitare is a 2006 Mac carty Hollowbody with a mapple flame top. I Don't know exactly how the color is called but it looks like some kind of sunburst.
Thanks again.
Hey! Would love to but I dont know how to honestly. :D
I click on the image icon but it ask for URL adress. How should I do? Do i have to upload it somewhere first?

Ps: I emailed the Prs Customer services who told me that :"Thank you for writing PRS Guitars. This appears to be a 2006 Hollowbody, figured maple 10 top, mahogany neck with a wide/fat carve, East Indian rosewood fretboard, McCarty Sunburst finish with Archtop pickups. I hope you find this information helpful. "