I wish I could rescue this one!


Plank Spanker
Apr 26, 2012
Down under, down under
Send it to the PTC for a refin, replace the saddles with correct ones, fix all those dents... It's a crying shame!





is that a 1988? I'm just guessing from the serial number, so i'm not sure if i'm right :confused: look at that top, nuff said :haha: could really use a clean-up though, even the tuning keys are so crowded with fingerprints
Ok, fix the saddles, but the rest is great. So the thing's been played. They are supposed to look like that! :rock:
I think I need a price (reality) check, anyone in the know feel free to pm me with a market estimate. Please don't post a price in this thread, thanks.

Original 5-way has been replaced, I'm getting photos of the pickups...
Other than the saddles I don't see anything wrong with it. Slap a set of Mann Made saddles on it and rock.
I've got a spare set of saddles at home from when I did a piezo install.

I think the price is too high for the condition she's in. Still waiting for a pm on a market price... Anyone?

I'm poor anyway but might have some trade bait...
Here's some more photos, can anyone confirm these are original pickups? He said they had been changed out at one point (the 5-way is original, apparently the wiring isn't)

Hard to find a market price as it's fairly unique (colour, condition, year). Anyone? pm only... Don't make me ask on another forum!




I picked up a vintage yellow 88 from that web site a year back. Blew me away when I saw that one a month back. Cool top! I love the play wear.
Vim I love the top on yours, quilt beats flame any day!

and to the rest of you, you're a bunch of enablers! No go so far, but I'm still talking to him...